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Become Creator is an online platform for aspiring YouTubers and YouTubers looking to grow their channel and opportunities through YouTube.

Hi, I’m Prabhjeet founder of Become Creator

I’ve been working from last 14 year on YouTube and Handling Multiple YouTube channels .I’m an experienced in Audience Development , Generating the Organic leads for Brands and also helping the business-minded YouTube creators like yourself to build successful YouTube Channel.

I have been also Managing the YouTube channels of our clients and I have added MILLIONS of subscribers, grown views by BILLIONS and increased revenues by huge multiples for the brands and companies I’ve worked for.


I’m Owner of Youtube Channel Knowledge Tv hindi (13 Million subscriber) .I’ve been working for the last 14 years on Youtube and Handling Multiple Youtube channels. My expertise is in Audience Development, Generating Organic leads for Brands, and also helping business-minded Youtube creators like yourself to build successful YouTube Channels.

Being a Certified YouTube Growth Specialist, I have been training people on a corporate level, 1-to-1 personal training, consultancy level, or even full channel management for their brand or services. And the results have been staggering!

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