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$250 for 2 hour session ( live Session on zoom for 2 hour)

“Prabhjeet is one of the best mentor in the YouTube industry to get you the right guidance…As we all know daily Millions of videos are being uploaded on YOUTUBE , not all videos able to attract visitors , Creating an awesome Videos isn’t the only things are needed to grow the youtube channel, A proper Game plan and strategy are require starting from pre production plan to post production , creating such content which compel audience to subscribe your channel .

I have spent countless of hours in brainstorming the ideas and nights in planning to make strategies to handle multiple YouTube channels So if you panning to start your own channel then Instead of wasting Your precious time and energy on a channel that no one watches, I can help you create a GamePlan that guarantees a fast growth rate and YouTube success. Book My consultation program to Get the right Guidance for Youtube .

–  PRABH JEET (Owner of Multiple faceless channel like Knowledge tv Hindi 13.4 million subscribers)

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$250 for 2 session ( live Session on zoom for 2 hour)


Hi, My Name is Prabhjeet

Owner of Youtube Channel Knowledge Tv hindi (13.4 Million subscriber) .I’ve been working for the last 14 years on Youtube and Handling Multiple Youtube channels. My expertise is in Audience Development, Generating Organic leads for Brands, and also helping business-minded Youtube creators like yourself to build successful YouTube Channels.

Being a Certified YouTube Growth Specialist, I have been training people on a corporate level, 1-to-1 personal training, consultancy level, or even full channel management for their brand or services. And the results have been staggering!

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“I decided to contact Prabhjeet in order to maximize my Youtube channel performance ” and Now our channel has crossed more than 150k Subscribers .


“Prabhjeet is one of the best mentor in the YouTube industry to get you the right guidance…”


This course by prabhjeet is amazing! It teaches all the tools and fundamentals of being a faceless youtuber.


The #1 Advice you need to HEAR Today to significantly Grow your YouTube Channel

Maintaining a YouTube Channel is all about creating quality videos that have the potential to go viral. Only then your channel will grow holistically.

From my 10+ years of experience in the Youtube Industry, I can give you one very important ADVICE to grow your Youtube Channel and Monetize your content. Make sure to follow proven Frameworks and Strategies that have produced real-time proven results. 

After spending more than 14 years learning, adapting, and implementing all of the strategies, I have been able to successfully scale all of my YouTube channels and generate consistent revenue.

Now, after having been awarded 50+ YouTube Creator awards and also a Diamond Creator Award as well, I want to help and share my expertise with all of you who want to grow and generate consistent revenue youtube by learning all of my secrets!

Get custom tailored advice for your specific youtube channel , book consultation call with me 

$250 for 2 Hour session ( live on zoom for 2 hour)

Crazy Numbers achieved through just 1 YouTube Channel...


“Prabhjeet is the only YouTube consultants out there who has vast experience and knowledge in Youtube . He has provided us the proper content Strategy and initially closely looked at our content and the “story” that we are telling. If you are looking to grow your channel, increase your revenue, and/or get no-nonsense coaching from someone that knows what their talking about, then we recommend that you work with prabhjeet and his team!” With the help of his proper Strategy we are able to attract more leads and completed more than 100000+ subscribers on my channel .
Johny Hans Canada
1,40,000+ Subscribers
Prabhjeet delivered us consultation while I was working on my channel – watch in hindi , and I can honestly say that prabhjeet is highly Talented and Knowledgable person in Youtube. Prabhjeet’s knowledge of all areas of videoMarketing, from pre production strategy to post production is second to none in my experience and his Training were constantly updated to reflect this. But it’s his ability to make the training as enjoyable as it is informative that really stands Prabhjeet out from others in the field
Watch In hindi
25+ Million monthly viewers
All the advice and information offered by Prabhjeet was completely practical, relevant and presented in an easily digestible and interesting way which the helped us to focus on multiple youtube channels . He has helped us make some big decisions, coaching us on things to do and not to do that have helped our YouTube channel and business grow. I would recommend him to anyone trying to grow an audience on YouTube or keep an existing audience happy. Thanks for all your help Prabhjeet!”
Knowledge tv Hindi
100+ Million monthly viewers

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